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azi1Delmatic has been operating in the field of cold sheet metal forming since 1960.

The Company is specialised in small parts stamped on customer's drawing or customer's sample.

Delmatic supplies a vast range of personalised articles assuring the clients a valid product for quailty, price and service.

Working with flexibility and timeliness to the requests of the customers, Delmatic realises whether semi-finished products or finished articles with personalised finishing or galvanic treatments.

Using firs rate metal sheets and modern presses, the company guarantees reliability and high quality standards.
All articles are produced according to the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Delmatic operates mainly in the following fields: automotive components, electromechanical, electrical household items, refrigerator's compressors, hardware articles, fixing articles.

Moreover Delmatic is specialised in the planning, designing and constructing of progressive dies, using cad cam system and modern machines tool.

In order to give a complete service to the customer, Delmatic also builds automatic and personalised machines, prototypes and machined components on customer's drawing.